Thanks Reiodust.

This is my goal to try help others and provide good feelings.
I know a lot of beat makers used to create the full song or sometime only some melody loop. I decided to try something different by creating free drum loops . I would love to have your opinion about that and if you are interested you can check my youtube channel or soundcloud. I hope it can help som...
Hi Rolivhuwa. Thanks a lot for your advice, I will try this for the next song. This is more than helpful.
I tried to make a summer hit I figured out the low frequency (kick and 808) are not rendering as good as from my computer with a headset. From my smartphone, I can barely understand the kick. The sound is fucked off. Do you have some advices ?
As you wish. If you finish the full song, I will listen to it indeed.
I am not sure I well understood your issue. Do you mean you use an AudioFileProcessor, and you want to play the sample longer than the sample itself ? You want to play the sample during the same lenght/time of the note in piano rool ? If so, you can make the sample to automatically loop. Click the &...
This is really a nice remix. It is too short :)
I'm like you, I'm just starting out. I am trying to learn compression etc, ans this IS is not easy. You can go to my souncloud profile to listen to my first tracks and give me your opinion (link in my signature)
This is a great song but It seems to me you can improve mixing / compression. Do you agree ?
Wouah this is a very good job. And you provided the score, this is awesome.

Did you make all tracks using piano roll or with midi recording ?