good re-establishment to my friend Fred DURST! So disgusting....

small dedicace
Last sounds of the project! I hope you loved you! To find the whole project
yo how is it going? I have the spleen my pc to spit !! But I'm still there! (thanks for the ghost train) Presentation of the 3rd sounds of the project certainly the most violent that I have produced (you would tell me) we started with a nursery rhyme for children
second part of the "inferno park" project. Big electro sound! 100% lmms. other link to the project:
1st sounds from the "inferno park" project! Concept project on fairs and amusement parks 100% LMMMS prod. to support LeXadu5.9
Following the problem of displaying the image of the project! attached the link to access it ... /community
Closing sound of 'Brutus' probably the one that is closest to my heart! High quality Thank you you are more and more numerous! See you soon!
Sound of Brutus!

sample and composition work on several software! ... 680e274179
Prodigy style! Lyrics (English translation) : it is more difficult to change what is found outside than what is inside Audio link ; work around 4 pop culture icons. Video link : TO SUPPORT ME : htt...
First sound of brutus! prod on LMMS, master on Bandlab! Youtube link: Spotify, Boomplay link: