mnbbq wrote:
Fri Dec 25, 2020 12:15 am

Made this a few nights ago. I would really appreciate feedback on how the vocals sound. Like if they're mixed well or if the melody and harmony fits and is interesting.
Great vibe, I'm really digging it.
why are my songs not successful ?? i don't get any feedback either, i don't gain followers what's wrong ?? my song or myself ?? on the discord server nobody wants to give me feedback, sad that Does your track unique and greatly produced? Would you listen to it many times if it wasn't yours? We all ...
Would like to hear your opinion bout my future bass track Good track! Really liked supersaw chords part. Drums are louder than other instruments, add some sounds and details to the intro, it's kinda empty. Great potential here, don't hesitat...
BaitProductions wrote:
Tue Nov 24, 2020 2:10 pm
Check my new R&B Type Beat ''Broken Hearts'' and if you like the music pls SUBSCRIBE,DROP A LIKE AND COMMENT !
Nice groove!
Reiodust wrote:
Wed Nov 04, 2020 11:26 pm
Hi guys,

I just submitted a new Dnb track. As usual the YouTube link for the animation and the SoundCloud link for a better audio quality:

Cool, I like it. Lead a little bit harsh, but nice arps.
Jbarn wrote:
Sun Oct 18, 2020 2:45 pm
Chill type beat here.
Something out of the ordinary
Vibe out, let me know what you think. ... hannel=J3Y
Nice balance here. Pleasant sounds, I like it.
Its been a while (No pun intended with my song 3 years ago. ) Haven't been around the forums in a while.... I hope everyone is doing well during these times. Finally starting up a youtube channel with beats im creating throught multiple programs including LMMS, fruity loops etc..... Hopefully this ...
Hey everyone, I'm new to this reddit, and I was thinking of getting back into some music production. I used to use GarageBand on an iPad (which doesn't really classify as a DAW, but hey, I digress), and I exposed myself to FL on an old PC, but now that I have something much more modern, I wanna giv...
I got a feedback on my song in Newgrounds: Nice, the arpeggio give me 2000s electronic dance vibes. I liked how punchy the drums were as well. I think some stuff you could work on for future songs is gain staging and changing the tuning for drums slightly to be more in the key of the music, if you'...

I have a little experience in music production and DJing but still is kinda newbie. Can you please help me understand how can I record my own scratches from DJ controller? Should I connect an audio input or is it possible via USB?