Alright alright - here you got me. 🙂 🙃 🙂

Btw. how about an LMMS-channel on
Hi, I am exited LMMS, nowadays pronounced as element, exists and give young hobby musicians an entry-point for there production needs. On the other hand do I also fond riot-chat for becoming an modern and private-orientated alternative for discord and other chat-platforms. However riot chat became e...
Hello MusicBear,

I gave it a try yesterday and was able to past the test, using Helm 64bit VST on Windows.
You can save basic settings as Helm's own patches and LMMS presets.
Only Helm's internal automations won't be saved as LMMS presets. But you can save it as Helm patches.

Best regards -
Hello and thanks for the warm welcome, MusicBear I think I will stick a little bit around and post more frequently in this forum. At least if I have something useful to say. Atm our documentation is inconsistent. The list you should pay attention to is not the list of those VSTs that works in LMMS, ...

the list of working VSTs is only available on the old wiki and gave me a hard time to find it.

Please integrate the list in the current user manual. Or set at least links to it on
Using VSTs and VeSTige