Thank you so much. That's far better.

However there are small errors. Is it possible to adjust automatically ? like selecting the notes so that the delay between the same becomes constant ?
Hello, I'm trying to record from my piano. There are 2 notes with the same tempo, however you can see that the result is not synced. Should I edit manually ? If yes, is there a too to allow my to quickly sync the notes ? P.S I've looked at the docs but couldn't find this ...
Thank you so much !
Hello and thanks, I have restarted PC and everything working fine. Am not sure if you can further help for below: I have installed and loaded Mini Grand, it plays one octave lower than it should. I have installed 'Chateau Grand' from Sf2 and I can hear proper octave in Lmms. P.S Sorry for my newbie ...

I have a Clavinova that I have connected to LMMS with a USB cable (Printer type). In song editor I have added piano01.ogg, then for that track, I have selected clavinova1 in 'Midi > 'Input'. However I cannot hear or see the notes being played. Anything I can try ?