So GOOD this vibe man !
+1 like for me. I hope to make songs like that too !


steel tonguedrum
Assuming the quality is the same, what's better for music production - headphones or speakers? For me, I advise both. headphones to have a very fine/precise rendering, and the speakers afterwards, to validate, with a different rendering, as people will have it while listening in party, in the car o...
impressive ! this sound quality with LMMS. Shocking. And so good. I love that kind of sound. And it's really clean. The first time I hear such clean sound from LMMS. Keep going, it's great. For sure, +1 like for me (on your soundclound). (:

spécialiste tongue drum
A really nice mix of genres, for a modern rap beat quite classical, and really very clean in terms of sound quality.
Very nice surprise! Keep it up bro (:

+1 like for me on YT ! :D

Pretty much better quality on soundclound.
Maybe make another short version you know ? More punchy (:

I don't know your leve, but it sound like a good beginning. I like it.
Keep going man !

instrument intuitif idiophone