Thank you! I think I clicked the Quantize button accidentally, not the software's bug, now, it's my first time to pay attention to this function, I'll be careful in the future! I have a suggestion: every time we open the software, it display 1/16 by default, if the default value is 1/192 will be safe.
version: the newrest(1.30), it's not the first time I got this problem, it's often. Sometime, I reopen a project, after minutes, I realise the speed between notes are wrong, then I found the problem is that all the notes snap to 1/16. Havn't you met the same problem before?
Big problem, it snaps to 1/16 semiquaver automatically when reopen project, all the project ruined!
is there a way to avoid this?
I also advise you to study React.JS, Node.JS. Nowadays these are very promising languages that are used in software development. Today, in quarantine, it is very relevant, because such skills give you the opportunity to work from home. These are pop languages, but if you want to learning Underlying...
LMMS play: (scroll down to the bottom):
(this is a fast remake, not well, please give some advice)

Film version:

A Stephen Chow Film Opening Theme composed by HuangYingHua from HongKong in the year 2001.

what instrument or vst should I use?
I tried most sf2, vst, kontakt library...but I still can't get sounds like them.
LMMS PLAY: (scrolldown the page play the second one) this is an old classic revolution song, it praises the story of the early People's Liberation Army who fought for the people despite hardships and dangers. original song:
Monospace wrote:
Wed Jul 27, 2022 12:08 pm
OP How did you solve the problem? Please explain. I want to check for myself too.
finally, I set a different folder instead the deafult vst folder and make sure the FX plugins in your custom folder.
I hope The Track still keep lighting when I disable it. sometimes, I write notes on one track and treat other track as reference, so I just want to mute the reference track and don't wish it turn gray or dark. I hope this can be improved. other advice: I wish the timeline marker move on both song-ed...
I think there's no way, because music is very easy to copy. Many ways to download music without pay. Why not make film music? or play real instruments anywhere and just treat software as band's blueprint or scratch? other way, you can publish your music as free and do education as paid. Here is an e...