Hope it is " catchy " enough (does the buildup works, don't be shy and please let me know)


>>> https://audiomack.com/newtoon-1/song/dream-wave
It's just bassline there, do you mean something like having a section in which that's the focus? Mayve I could work something out, there. I was meaning that this bassline makes an underlying melody. It's the first time we hear it (disctinctly) and you could then take profit of that "priming of...
One of the best motivation song I ever heard is this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAdoSy1fjCY I had it running forever all day long and it helped me work and focus when I was a web entrepreneur (i mean, it was running all day as soon as I have something to focus on and wanted no distraction) ...
This is great. I would likely use this song as a background music to help me focus on something ! :)

So, my opinion is that it could definitely be ... longer (with some variations)

The melody is not very clear to me, but it s perhaps done on purpose :? :mrgreen:
I went to your soundcloud profile and you experiment a lot ! This one you selected is not what I listen to usually, so no opinion, but if people want to hear more "conventional stuff", here are the ones I liked immediately >>> https://soundcloud.com/robotsarepeopletoo/batteries >>> https:/...
Hi ! I revamped the song to get stronger effects (playing with reverbs) . Hope, you will feel in "another world"

>>>>> https://audiomack.com/newtoon-1/song/me ... pege-remix
This is definitely the sounds I like to hear. I especially like the "effects", for instance, the bubble one. Is it deliberate that the drums are a bit weak ? It could be more "dance like" if the drums were heavier, I thought while listening. But I'm no model. I struggle a bit wit...
I have this experimental track in progress, but don't know if the end merits to have a further development. If you think so, please let me know :roll:

Thanks a lot for the "epic". I try not to waste time for listeners and also give people here some emotions if possible. This tune is quite simple tracks and that seem to work out. I use more Firebird than anything here (love it, vital is cool but eats my computer alive, lol) . I also made ...
and then things went bananas :mrgreen:

>>>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL5NQmLiMVo

(better audio quality here https://audiomack.com/newtoon-1/song/it ... -you-think )