Monospace wrote:
Tue Nov 15, 2022 10:32 am
Hey, sorry I do not know any resources, but the LMMS-discord could be a good place to ask as many devs are over there and they might have some useful information.
Hey there!

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Hi people!

Does anyone know or can point me to some resources or info for understanding how to connect an audio interface to LMMS?

Thank you so much in advance!

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So, I found recently these resources for a half-time effect No need for other software: The tutorial you made is very important if using MIDI, I actually use that too and I`m happy you made that for all the users, it was needed. Thank you! The extern...
So, I found recently these resources for a half-time effect that will be useful for beatmakers and as well for producers: Note: The plugins are made in the open-source Cabbage Software, so you need to download Cabbage and install it, afterwards you need to load the csd file, for example half-speed c...
You can listen to the beat on Soundcloud :

Or you can listen and see the visualizer video on youtube :

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I made a new hip-hop beat. Give a listen if you want.

You can listen and see the visualizer on youtube :

Or you can listen on soundcloud :

Have a great day ahead! Cheers!
Dude, that is a sick beat there bro. 8-) Maybe it is youtube, but I would say, to raise up the volume of the piano melody, that plays in the background, up a tiny tiny bit, but you can ignore my advice if you want. 8-) Thank you for your feedback! I`m glad you like the beat. As for the piano, I int...
You can listen on soundcloud :

Or listen and see the visualizer on youtube :

Have a great day ahead! Cheers!
Have you ever wanted to do something in a worse way than just doing it as you're supposed to out of spite? Well, you're in luck! If you have ever wanted to make a very limited and bad sounding pitch shift/time warp in lmms instead of just using audacity or a plug-in then this tutorial will be of gr...
So here is how you can use Reaper Plugins in LMMS with YSFX open-source vst3 plugin loaded in Element By Kusview : Download Element by Kushview from github, version : 0.41.1 Download YSFX VST3 Plugin from github, the latest version Download any or all of these recommended repositories of Reaper Plu...