Here is my new electronic track :

This is impressive! With little free plugins and a lot of dedication you managed to do something that i can call an entire complete album that is worth to be put there together with other complete albums. I understand the desire to be perfect and always add or take out things until it sounds how I w...
I`m just listening now to the entire album, I`m at the track number 5 and I`m impressed and amazed. So far until now this album is an entire gem. Obscure, impressive, experimental, unique and overall a great production. All I have listened until now is perfect to be added as soundtracks on a combina...
Here are a few I use: Synth1, Surge, Dexed, Helm, TAL-Noizemaker, Synister, Tunefish, Odin2, OB-XD [the old Open Source one], ToneZ which is made by a member of the LMMS community, BrainStormer, Dead Duck Deducktion, Charlatan, Lynx, Exakt Lite, T-Force-Alpha Plus 2, XSRDO Analogy [an amazing modula...
Any chances for a future update of the theme for the next beta or stable release of LMMS?
It`s one of the top themes ever made for the software we all love.

It`s still in progress the project or it`s abandoned? It`s an amazing concept and I`am sure we can all benefit from it, or maybe someone else can take it and work at it. Maybe Grace Sampler can be an inspiration for it too, as it`s Open-Source on github. LMMS needs a better implemented Sampler inste...
I am not good at coding, actually i barely know anything about it but i installed N++ to see the lines of the style.css for the piano roll issue in the new 1.3 Alpha release. I also compared the code lines with the ones from 1.2.2 and I think all the parameters need to be changed one by one to work ...
Oh! Marvellous! Jazz music fusion with Greek music that I love so much! A night in the centre of Athens at some tavern listening
to this track would be so amazing!

Great techno track! I can see it at the start of a techno mix or at the end. Good for a Boiler Room Mix with a video made somewhere in Berlin or Amsterdam.

TyraNoah wrote:
Thu May 13, 2021 10:13 pm
Now that's my defination of some real good music.
Thank you so much for your kind words!