Went ahead and put out the instrumental for this track cause I rlly like how it turned out. Let me know what you think of both.


the vocal mix too:

Summer classes started and I needed a break from lectures. Hope you enjoy this quick desk doodle :p
https://soundcloud.com/mikescy/animals Had a lot of fun putting this song together! Hope you enjoy it. :D Lyrics: When we met This cage had been torn apart (it's our fault) Tell me the truth Cause I think that I could like you (but I still fear you) When you talk to me I get a rush the way you look ...

Needed a break from some serious stuff. I hope you can laugh and jam to this :p
This is definitely the sounds I like to hear. I especially like the "effects", for instance, the bubble one. Is it deliberate that the drums are a bit weak ? It could be more "dance like" if the drums were heavier, I thought while listening. But I'm no model. I struggle a bit wi...
Finals week was tough but now I have the time to do music again. Here's something I put together after finding a groove. I think being away from making stuff has made it a little harder to get into a good work flow. Oh well


I honestly like the vocal mix less so I posted the instrumental to soundcloud. Hope you can dance to this :)
Excited to continue with projects in this sound
Gps wrote:
Tue Apr 20, 2021 2:28 pm
I am impressed this sounds good :)
ayy thanks a bunch!
kamalamalamalam wrote:
Wed Apr 21, 2021 12:07 am
this kinda reminds me of LazerBlade's older songs, and for that alone I'm loving this a lot
I'm not familiar with their work but that's really nice of you to say. Thanks!
https://soundcloud.com/mikescy/cyberspace oof this one took forever but it was so much fun! Started as a bass chord progression with the triple oscillator. Lyrics: Beautiful contraption Just another distraction Take me away Take me away Take me to your cyberspace Take me away Take me away Deep into...