Wait. It's a bit confusing. The site lists both sidechain mode AND the red/blue light implying bandpass/cutoff/shelving. Whereas, the LMMS plugin has only sidechain mode. I was wrong. So what we need to do then would be to either run the LADSPA plugin itself and list in which order what each S/C mod...
Yes, GPS. I took a look at that. That's how I reached the conclusion that S/C mode will control whether the frequencies F1 and F2 are band pass, shelf, cutoff, or off. Except, we have 10 modes: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. I can't tell which does what. Assuming you don't need to worry about "O...
Interesting. will look into it.
So this means S/C mode 3 is lowshelf and hishelf for F1 and F2 respectively?
I understand they decide what F1 and F2 freq and levels do: highpass, lowpass, lowshelf, hishelf, bandpass. However, there are 10 sidechain modes. What does each mode correlate to? I ask because I want F1 to lowshelf and F2 to highself on my sidechain, but due to lack of any sensible non-numerical o...
Thanks for the tip, Brandy!
No, Res, I haven't used dedicated sidechain plugins.
Only way.
If you still face this issue with a clean install, get back to us.
...OH, I get you! I'm facing the same issue for a lot of (usually) playable files lately, too.
However, it does let me download.
This issue isn't faced by many people, though.
Try using archive.org or a proxy service to play it?
This is a .wav file on google drive...
It seems like OP very clearly started from an empty project.
MihaVo, Can you right click the dials, press "Remove Song global automation," and try turning them without saving and restarting LMMS?
This is an unusual problem...