Sf2 to preset?
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Phones for mixing vs. listening ?
Is the appimage version the only way to make LMMS use LV2?
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Where can I find a good WAV to MP3 converter?
Need opinion for soundtrack
Lo Fi Prog Rock with video
What to do on a rainy day [Solaris - Toybox]
Problem with the sound in my headphone and my speakers
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Feral Foxy Funk
HTTPS redirect for the website
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Question about this track
Belzebru - Night Mist (Synthwave)
Ambient Set
To Live Here
good things
Whatcha Got In The Trunk?
Cinematic music video: 47 Thunderbolts from the Blue
Emagico - Let Me Chill (LMMS) - Submission form below
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Recommended amount of sidechaining to be done
DIY mastering on Mac
Don't know how to record my drum kit.
how to load vst's from different folders
Double Tap, the Piano's Key (music video)
Deleting Account
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