New with lmms...first half-decent beat..but now stuck!
Last post by GeBar « Sat Nov 27, 2021 11:37 pm
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ear protection
Last post by coldfavox « Sat Nov 27, 2021 9:26 pm
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Last post by Didier « Sat Nov 27, 2021 7:11 pm
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"count in" feature ?
Last post by tootmat « Sat Nov 27, 2021 6:04 pm
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I Made Lofi Hip Hop Beat!
Synth tracks
Paint velocity curve on multiple notes with mouse
Last post by musikbear « Fri Nov 26, 2021 6:18 pm
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how can I upload a theme on the sharing platform
Everything Is A Copy
MIDI Exporting
Last post by musikbear « Thu Nov 25, 2021 6:23 pm
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WASD - Plague (LMMS)
Electronic Cat Fight (cover)
Last post by newtoon « Thu Nov 25, 2021 9:57 am
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New Halloween Beat: Inbetween The Skulls
Favourite type of video game? Why?
Last post by Meadows « Thu Nov 25, 2021 3:36 am
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exporting in mp3 format
Last post by Monospace « Thu Nov 25, 2021 2:45 am
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I thought it was a bug but now i guess it is that way
Last post by Monospace « Thu Nov 25, 2021 2:32 am
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"Spinning Wheel"
Reborn (instru)
Electro/Melodic House Track.
Last post by _EMA_ « Wed Nov 24, 2021 2:49 am
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Note Pattern Saver.
Last post by musikbear « Tue Nov 23, 2021 4:57 pm
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All VST plugins suddenly not loading out of no where
Last post by musikbear « Mon Nov 22, 2021 5:54 pm
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Will Kontakt Player 6 (+ Super Audio Cart) Work In LMMS?
Crypto Currency post - BiFost Airdrop