Catching an Unknown Flight
YES ! We fired The Sound Engineer (part 1)
Steve Pixus - Planet Zyn (Cubicle Remix) [LMMS Opus Remix]
Flickering Screens - Chill Breeze
And Now This !
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Ancient higher
Two New March Synthwave Rock Beats Served Up...
Valquer - Twilight
Artur B - HFO
Tiny Question - MIDI Knobs?
Mountamare - Crunchy (all levels of professionalism)
Quantizer - Chain Waltz
The styles in the shadows (New album)
Red Baron v Red Dragon
REMIX Contest [2023]
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Misinformation about music theory
Tyler Saxa - Humid
Cyberpunk LMMS
Red - Energize
Reply to the topic of inspiring music
Airswipe - The Skies
Artur B - Avalanche
LMMS Opus Volume 11 Trailer!
Two songs i have made recently.
Perihelion Precession of Mercury's orbit