Thank you on all the kind words guys!
My entry for The best of LMMS volume 4. Had a blast making this track. I would've spent maybe a few more days perfecting the mixdown, but deadlines gonna deadline.

Listen to it here:
Suryae .sp wrote:A bit of question regarding the contest,

if I submit 2 tracks, wich one will be qualified, the first one or the second one?

Any replies from the officials will be highly appreciated.
Both of the tracks will be accepted. You can't submit more than 2 though. Here's my submission for the kicker challenge. Made some Glitch Hop using just Kicker and native LMMS effects (and Bitrot Crush). The bass was the most fun part to do it. It consists of 6 kickers that are distorted together and treated with parallel filte...
Leche wrote:Awesome :)
But shouldn't this be in News and Announcements?
I can't bother to approve all your posts, and this is a pre-release, the stable release will go to announcements :)
C_H wrote:It won't run on Win 10 x64.
It terminates upon startup.
What's the error? It might be a portaudio issue:
Hey guys, We are proud to present you with a new RC for LMMS 1.2. It includes the brand new, completely redesigned look of LMMS, the ability to play sample tracks from any point in the song (does not work with tempo automation) and many other enhancements. For a full list of new things check out the...
Yes BoL v4 is happening. Not yet sure when how or where, but we're getting there. If you wanna chat with us just hop on our Discord:
No. We won't do that for every song. If we question the legitimacy of a song, we can ask for a mmpz, which we did for this song - Nobody believed it was LMMS, and the guy gave us a near 100MB mmp that froze my PC while loading. It was mind blowing. T...