That is a really wierd problem, I have used a lot of VST's on my 32 bit LMMS, I never had pitch problems with any of them (all DSK instruments, Synth1, FMMF, mda Piano...). Have you tried reinstalling your LMMS? That may fix the problem. A temporary fix would be to put an Pitch shifter that lowers a...
Great song! You did a good job mixing all those genres. :D ... ot-plugins
I had the privilege of beta testing these plugins.
Live performace done using LMMS and two tablets running TouchOSC with my custom Bitrot layout that will be soon made a free download.
First you have to see is the MIDI problem in LMMS or the MIDI to USB card you have. Try using MIDIOX ( ) to test if your keyboard sends MIDI. If it sends MIDI just open up your instrument of choice in LMMS and in the Midi tab select your midi card from the dropdown menu. It sh...
Hi guys I'm new on the forums :D
I hope I could get some feedback from you guys on a remix I have been working on :) ... je/s-aRo5i
All LMMS, no VST's.