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DomeNico Rotolo wrote:So wait, I'm not such a pro with music right now, but in a year I could improve... also, is it a solo thing on you can do it in "team"?

It would be amazing to join the next one!
Yes, collaborations are allowed :)
Itussigi wrote:this worked better than best! thank you for this! <3
Glad I could be of help man <3
I'd recommend you to actually go out and try to sidechain the bass to the kick, it doesn't need to be extreme, but it'll leave the kick some breathing room. Another option is highpassing the kick. I'd also recommend to compress the kick. As far as the samples go, they sound good to me, but the snare...
I started really really digging Alon Mor's stuff:



I find his sound design to be really original and the actual contrast that you see in the songs is something that I aspire to do in my music as well.
using a noise-profile as sc signal, thats new to me. Clever! I wonder if the moving dial is a problem. Some dials can make noise when turned, and it is different on various hw. (I believe diiz explained this as a problem with discreet values) Yes, the zipper noise from the controls not being sample...
Thank you so much, that was really helpful! Also, does anybody know about what era we can expect the next update? It looks so cool. Glad you liked the tutorial. As for LMMS 1.2 release, the simple answer is "When it's ready". The thing is, LMMS 1.2 is most likely to get released once we fix most or...
Gps wrote:Great tutorial. What does that peak controller do though ?
It acts as the sidechain signal. Its connected to the sidechain level of the compressor. Without it there would be no sidechain.
there's the Steinberg license to deal with as well. This is where things get, a-complicated. Actually, the built-in Zyn has absolutely nothing to do with VST's. When Zyn 3.0 gets done there will probably be an initiative to integrate it into the LMMS codebase. As for Steinberg license goes, there a...
Hi guys! I put up a quick video on how I do my sidechaining using the calf sidechain compressor. Anyways, this is my first ever tutorial video so please let me know on how I can improve my videos, as I will be doing more of them. Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Il0OH4I0-LE Oh a...