Surely I'm not the only one who has wished many times for this capability.

More Arp patterns in Vestige would be very nice (in addition to UP, DOWN, UP & DOWN, and RANDOM).

Plus, I add my vote for a Bend Wheel, which somebody already mentioned.

I guess that's why we call it a WISH list....

Maybe we won't have to wait 50 years for the necessary tech advances --- after all, according to "Back to the Future", we're going to have flying cars in 2015 (which is less than a month from now).

It would be awesome if we could play or import audio files into LMMS and have the data fill in on the piano roll. This would open up several new worlds of opportunity for our music-making and creativity.
First let me say: I love LMMS. It is (along with Audacity) my DAW of choice: highly functional, intuitive and user-friendly. I have more than 200 VSTi's and a similar number of effects-VSTs, all of which I really like and all of which work perfectly in LMMS. I am very satisfied, and don't really nee...

Tried and failed multiple times to download 1.0.3 (Windows 32bit) --- received the same error-message each time:

Error opening file for writing:
C:\Program Files\LMMS\QtCore4.dll

please see attached

Currently using 1.0.0
Windows XP Pro

sti2nd wrote:You get a regular .dll file with those plugins/synthesizers? And you try to open a .dll, right? :)

Yes, that is correct.
Thanks; yes, RemoteVSTHost seems to have no problem with the "CPU-intensive" aspect of plugins. But the vsti's that I'm concerned about are very popular vsti's, some of them from great companies with well-established reputations for high quality --- which is why I want to try them. So it appears tha...
Hello all; I've been using LMMS for about 10 months, love it! I have about 180 different really nice vsti's which work perfectly fine with LMMS; however, there are quite a few great vsti's out there which I would love to use, but which immediately crash the RemoteVSTHost when I try to load them into...