After reading the article I can only agree. :(
I don't think we can listen to it, if you set it to private. ;)

I am getting an error when I try.
Synth1 and ZynAddSubFx are two different synthesizers. ... chiro-toda

I already gave you a link to a preset file, with those stabs in it. :)
An extra bank for synth1. (there are many extra banks, but be carefull were you get them from.)
It might be annoying, but it seems necessary to point this out. :)
Depending on the virus, you first need to remove, you might be able the rename the files back. You probably will have to do this one by one though.... Why do you get a free program from somebody else ? :( You should never do this, not on Windows, not on Linux, not on a Mac. Always get the program fr...
I am on openSUSE with KDE desktop.

I right click on my desktop, then choose add short cut.
Then I get a pop up window, asking for the name of the shortcut, and the path to the file. (lmms appimage)

For you the path would be to the lmms launcher.
Synth 1 only has a few less knobs. Most of what he does, you can do with zynth 1. Zynth 1 does not have 4 oc though. From the top of my head is has 2 oc , and a sub one. First time you work with a synthesizer, you will be overwhelmed, by the amount of knob...
Maybe this helps.

There is MIDI in and MIDI out.

LMMS does not have midi out yet.
Interesting, Detroit stabs. Googled it and found this: And this on KVR. Record a piano playing a classic C-E-G chord. Now load it in a sample player (most software will let you play any sample across a keyboar...
I think I am hearing a sampler. A keyboard with a sample function. Something like this: I think however that synth 1 might be able to make a sound like that. Acid house 89 preset, from the chrisbank. And th...