I might do a rather dramatic change to the track, Biggest problem I have with the track: it does not make me wanna dance. For some time, there is this nagging voice / feeling, that I am almost making House, but not really House. Melody is to musical ? Not enough loop like. I am making the lead more ...
Thank you. I watched a vid of a guy using albeton. He used a frequency analyser, and looked at every instrument. Then he tried to cut the overlapping frequencies, which was a challenge because the kick and bass were occupying the same frequencies. :) This is a good tutorial on House: Fun to watch be...
Did you run the .exe from synth 1 file ?

What is you're operating system ?
Start the appimage from the command-line ?
Are you looking at the volume ?

The vu meter on the mixer should never be in the red.
Not entirely my taste of music, but I love how it is mixed. Well done :)
Mixing is the hardest part for me too. I never thought it would be so hard to really do it right.
Thank you, and I am afraid I need to cut some frequencies. :)

I am drowning the kick, and that is not intentional. Might have to side chain?
I would also like the bass to stand out more.
Interesting track, but I wonder if the lead melody is not too loud.
Works for me on LInux.