I like it, and it really sounds good. :)

Well done.
I agree with Hexagons, good first track, but can maybe use a bit more variation ?
Thank you, and I am looking at the track again, Blender gave me a nice break, but I was not totally happy on how it sounded yet. For the vid I used an mp3 version though, next render I will use the .wav file directly from LMMS. Added a kick, and layered the piano with synth 1, to make is sound more ...
I have the original on vinyl lol, and I am impressed. Good job ( once upon a time in the west )

How did you do the whistle sound ?
If you click the button I mention, the piano roll will stop were you hit the space bar and wont jump back to the beginning.

Does not matter if this is in the piano roll or song editor.
What has that got to do with this topic ? :?
Left next to the zoom, there is a toggle, to make it jump back to the beginning or not.
Thank you, and as far as I understand it now, I could have the entire corridor react to music.

it's called a displacement which get driven by the music track you add.

No idea about the impact on the render time though.
I already turned some settings down, to reduce render time.
One way to cheat , I can probably set the animation to full screen and then record with a screen recorder.

Won't looks as good as a render though, but only takes the time of the music track to record. :P
Well I have allot to investigate. One problem with these programs always returns. How much time are you are willing to spend on rendering. Will increasing the length of the corridor increase the render time? ( it will speed up the camera ) Should I just add another path to have the camera return thr...