In a few days I said.... Mixing wise I am breaking records. Never before I spend so much time on mixing a track. Probably doing it right this time, not mixing too long, then leave it until at least the next day. Latest small step forward, a bass booster on Kraze, You want to start this party right ?...
What do you mean with a read only file system ?

Maybe you try to change some file as a normal user, but should do it as root ?
Carla might be able to do that .

But I am still trying to figure out Carla myself.
I have no idea if it will work, but in LMMS it's relative simple. Select for midi input the keyboard and for midi out the midi module. I am not an midi expert but I can see at least one problem. I have a keystation mini 32 hooked in LMMS but through usb, not midi. Unlike the Atari ST I once had, my ...
Our Devs are talking about it.
After you downloaded the .exe file, you need to run it ( double click will probably work )

After this find the folder were the .dll file is located.

Load this .dll file with Vestige into LMMS. ( green folder icon on Vestige )

( Not all VST will work )
That did solve the problem for me. :)
Are you on Linux or on windows ?
No real news yet, tech talk seems to be the right spot to report this, not dev talk were I posted this first ( Discord lmms )

We do know the devs have seen it, so now we wait. :)
Confirmed, opensuse Leap 64 bit. I just downloaded rc8 and tried vestige. If lmms does not freeze the vst does not produce any sound. Tried to load a minimoque, and LMMS freezes. I could load 4Front piano, but although it does not freeze lmms, its silent on rc8, working fine on rc7. I am reporting t...