Looks great :)

I just released my video:


Might do something more simple next time, this took over 3hours of rendering.
Your problem is an Ubuntu problem. Two solutions I can think off, use the appimage version: https://lmms.io/download#linux Download it, set rights to executable and off you go. Or find the right package, something like LMMS VST full in your package manager. Allot of the distro's pack an old version ...
Finally finished the vid.


Feedback on track and vid appreciated.
Well its simple to some extent, Linux and Windows are for now better supported.

If I recall right, one of the problems is that that need more people on macs to test he program.

If you can install Linux on those pc, that will probably be the easiest solution. ( then download the appimage file)
Do you use a virus scanner? The only thing I can think of, that is stopping you.

You should then be able to see in the logs of the virus scanner if it is removing parts of LMMS and or blocking it?

Or what was it called the uac settings?
The game engine gone part, is a shame indeed. Funny to read Maya is over hyped, I never used it. I might have to send you my file then though, maby you can help. Can't believe how many hours I lost on trying to have the camera to move through the corridor. The biggest problem being the lack of docum...
Asked about my problem on a different spot. The reply I got was that I was doing it wrong. (not gonna argue this person, even though it was others who told me to do it like I was attempting) Gonna try it his way. Which means first figuring out what he did exactly, but he gave me a file, so I have al...
I'm sure there are a few people who are familiar with Ubuntu randomly filling up your hard drive with error logs and crash messages. It happens "alot with WIndows too. :shock: Windows users "Cry," when this happens. Wah! It's' more a matter of the xsessionerrors file filling up (or the log director...
Funny that you mention trickers. That exactly how it worked in that program with which you can make maps for the game Aliens vs Predator 2. In a map I made there were two rows of those trickers, one was the path for the tank, the other one the path for the camera. Blender how ever does not have thes...
This is were I am stuck at right now.

I have the camera stay inside the corridor, but the camera keeps looking straight ahead, in stead of looking into the corner.