I redid the automation track which make a sound fade in. Problem solved.
Before I did this the sound was distorted, prob because the volume was changed ?
It did not go as smooth as I had hoped, but I did manage to compile LMMS myself. This fixed the problem with the mute and solo knobs. There is however still a problem with 1 or 2 of the automation tracks. I will redo those tracks, and prob have a talk with Packman. ( the package builder for openSUSE...
What is your operating system, and did these vst work before ?
I am asking for help on a dutch linux forum, because I get stuck..

cmake complains it cant find a file, which is there. ( I checked )
So if I compile lmms myself , this issue should be solved ? I asume this should be relative easy, because I already should have all or most dependecies. I can also inform packman about this. For those not familiar with Linux. Packman gives is alot of software which cant be included by a default inst...
I am on openSUSE 13.1 64bit. After I installed an update, there is an issue with the volume levels in the automation track, I made with a previous version. I believe there is already a topic on that. Anoteher problem I have though, in all tracks the green and red button is not working anymore. It do...
Now were getting somewere, I knew it had to do with timing.

People in general dont like computer generated music, because it to perfectly timed.
Thank you, and you do not confuse me.
The remark about it usual being held longer then a full note, makes sense.

And when listening to the origenal, and what I made in lmms, I think I start to see, why you said that this piece of sheetmucic from a midi file, is not really acurate.
I downloaded the file, and opened it, on openSUSE 13.1 64 bit. (Linux) lmms 1.0.3

I get two errors, that lmms cant find that flanger, but it still opens, and plays.
I am slowly making progress. I was getting frustated, by attemptng to read the sheet music. When I studied the midi file, it suddenly came to me, why I get lost every time, I try to read that piece of sheet music. Its the arcs that confuse me. When there are two notes with an arc, its played as one ...