About the vst. I have found more vst that work in LMMS, then I will prob ever use and even try out. Synth1 and minimoque as an example of two who work great with LMMS. Then there are the dsk vst's. The only thing missing for me, is a function to make something sound like its played by a human instea...
I found a nice way to figure out the keys. Find a you tube vid of the song. Open the link with vlc and slow it down. :P With the scale finder tool it should then be easy, to pick a right scale. Of course not all vids are suited for this, but searching in you tube with the name of the song and how to...
Yeah the easiest solution is to start LMMS first, then all is fine.
I hope to produce more fun stuff next, this was for me mainly about creating something in key. And I might have a clue were things go wrong with my popcorn cover. Learned a lot :) Thank you. I cant just rely on my ears, but if it does not sound right, I should trust my ears. From the first time I ma...
I gave up on popcorn for now, it was the right moment, just before I started to hate LMMS.

Latest version of above number, named it saddanz.

That made me smile.
I seem to run into this problem on openSUSE 13.1, the distortion part. There is something about pulse audio and skype and audacity causing this. Sometimes no problem, and sometimes it does. Worst case solution. In lmms change from pulse audio to alsa ( and or back) Just running lmms and all is fine....

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Thank you guys.
I had read something about instruments needed to be tuned to a song.
From there, I some were got into a loop of changing everything one note, and then of course nothing changed. LOL

Found some great vids though, music hacker.

One about bass-line vs melody, in a trance tutorial.
I am struggling a bit with scales and the green slider on the synths. It kind of confuses me. I made some piece, first tone start at c. Now I want the tones to be a bit higher lets say from c to d. So I move all notes up in the piano roll. Then I correct the synth, also to d, but I end up with the e...