I was looking for an example from way back, what was called dance music as far as I know.

Glen Miller - In The Mood

Headache is gone. I think the mistake I made is too funny, to not share it with you. From the net I got the notes. GDFD 2x DECE 2x FCEC 2x Now how can that go wrong? Well from G to D has two options, up and down... That was were I went wrong. Currently still struggling with the 4th part CGCD , but I...
diiz wrote:
theguitarplayer wrote:I was talking with someone today who said that dance music was "pop". I disagreed with him.
It can be. Depends on the definition of "dance music" (possibly the most ambiguous musical "genre" ever).
Yep, because if you go back in time, the dance music is quite different.
I like it, sounds great :)
Musikbear tuts have always been a light shinning in the darkness. I have learnt so much from his tuts. I highly recommend you guys to check out all his tuts, especially if you are just starting out with the wonderful LMMS. Yes, without him and this forum, I would be lost. :D There is a zynAddSubFX ...
https://soundcloud.com/user586365033/tubewayarmybegin I would like some feedback, I am at 94 BPM. But I am struggling with the beat and baseline editor, so I wonder does 94 bpm sound right to you guys ? It seems my baseline is either too fast or too slow. LMMS and a vst, the minimogue. (triple ossic...
Sounds great :)
Found this you tube vid. :)

Audacity, how to add silence, at the start.

Are friends electric is doing what it should do, it brings back the fun in LMMS for me. I look at my popcorn song in between, so I wont get fed up. Next for popcorn will be changing some keys so they match the key demo. ( the subleads) Right now fighting with the converted mp3 of the song into lmms....
The middle piece of popcorn, I just found I was out of scale, still not happy 100% how it sounds, but I seems to be in key.
Changed two pieces so all these pieces are 1 octave high. ( noticed that from the key demo )

Now back to, are friend electric ?