I don't think you need to specify the path.

I think you have to install the qt devel file. I will be called something like qt 4.8.6-dev(el)

When you compile something and they say you need XXXX, you also need the XXXX-devel file. ;)
I am very happy musikbear, and eino, gave me feedback on my Vangelis track. I do have a minor problem with it though. What does out of register mean ? I assume its synth related ? Then about the transitions. Are they just to abrupt, or is this about notes ? I am struggling on how to fix it, should I...
I agree 100% with tresf.
I learned a lot by just watching you tube vids, of people messing with synths.

Like this one:


And vids like this:

After I reinstalled openSUSE, I opened up a song with lmms, and I started to panic. Synth one did not see, all the extra presets, I have. (zip files) After days of trying to compile lmms myself, because of issues with the officia lpackage for openSUSE, I started to worry, not another problem please....
I had already seen, that lmms did draw 3 notes, but I was before the music bear tut, totaly lost on how to use that. And about that left hand, I am 99% sure that this is were my popcorn cover goes wrong. Although I will prob finish that cover one day, for now its resting. I will get back to it one d...
A bit too sad for my licking but still a good track
Thank you, that answered all my questions on chords.

I will have to find that transpose function, but first need to get a working lmms again.

Today had to reinstall openSUSE, and I am a bit worried, about my hardisk, but that's something for the openSUSE forums.
Congratz :)
You will be surprised how often a solution for one distro, will work for other distro's too. I learned that from the steam beta. ( and I have fixed things with Ubuntu, Fedora and Arch solutions ) There are of course differences, sudo apt get what ever, won't work on openSUSE, it will be something li...