I gave up on popcorn for now, it was the right moment, just before I started to hate LMMS.

Latest version of above number, named it saddanz.

That made me smile.
I seem to run into this problem on openSUSE 13.1, the distortion part. There is something about pulse audio and skype and audacity causing this. Sometimes no problem, and sometimes it does. Worst case solution. In lmms change from pulse audio to alsa ( and or back) Just running lmms and all is fine....

KRS ONE (Knoweledge Reigs Supreme Over Nearly Everybody)

Jean Michel Jarre

Grand Master Flash (no computer !)
Thank you guys.
I had read something about instruments needed to be tuned to a song.
From there, I some were got into a loop of changing everything one note, and then of course nothing changed. LOL

Found some great vids though, music hacker.

One about bass-line vs melody, in a trance tutorial.
I am struggling a bit with scales and the green slider on the synths. It kind of confuses me. I made some piece, first tone start at c. Now I want the tones to be a bit higher lets say from c to d. So I move all notes up in the piano roll. Then I correct the synth, also to d, but I end up with the e...
Wow, and I did recolonize that tune, specially the middle part. :)
Thank you :)
I am interested, but first I want to be 100% happy myself with my creations, and I am not there yet.
@ Musicbear - lmao, I did not know that.

And it funny to me you mention a beat, that is exactly what I miss in most classical music.

And then there are these pieces were they sing too. I am impressed by how they can sing, but I hate it.
Opera ?