Hey I like it! If you want some criticism and suggestion (take it or leave it): I don't mind the length, but if I were doing it I'd probably try to build a little more tension leading up to the transitions (like ~ 4:00/minutes?), perhaps by using automation to increase the dissonance of the bass, o...
Sti-Jay wrote:
Gps wrote:if he is right or not
Of course his right, we are all right. Do you think there is a correct answer in music?
LOl good point.
Working again on Biscaya. Thank god It seems I am to stubborn to quit. Slowly I start to better understand sheet music, and because of this I came to a simple conclusion. The piece of sheet music I have matches the midi file I have, but they don't match the mp3, which I imported into lmms. The sheet...
I maybe have an idea for a cover with that flute, for you.


This could be the original.
Cool ! fingers crossed.
Yeah you really get into a piece, and then find out its 12 minutes. This version is even already shortened a bit. I was also shocked by the size of the wave file.120MB LOL. But all tracks I know of , made by Vangelis or Jarre are shorter. ( at least concerning a part that repeats, like in mine ) I o...
This is really my kind of music, I love it.

Curious about the instruments used though.

Love that bassline. :)
Sooo beautiful. Sounds almost real. The only thing that blows the cover is when the tone ends, or perhaps it is the reverb doing that. It seems that, dialing in just enough reverb is harder to do than some people think. I tend to go overboard with it at times. That happens to me too. The only solut...
Yeah its hard to believe its not a real flute. Really like it.
Thank you.

Its funny though how different people react. I myself love that arpeggio too, but I had one person calling it 8 bit computer like.
I always think about negative feedback, but in this case, regardless of, if he is right or not, I love that arpeggio, and I don't want to change it.