The middle piece of popcorn, I just found I was out of scale, still not happy 100% how it sounds, but I seems to be in key.
Changed two pieces so all these pieces are 1 octave high. ( noticed that from the key demo )

Now back to, are friend electric ?
Thank you, I seem to pick the wrong songs LOL.

And thanks about the confusion on the black keys.

If it helps dorian was the only scale I could find that fitted all notes in popcorn in LMMS.
And I tried all available sales.
@Mucisbear ( and of course everyone else) After again looking at the keydemo, I noticed a few things. On almost every spot were I have a problem, or at least my ears, you cheated on me, and used black keys. ( Before this joke gets out of hand, I remember some part about black keys are bad, and now i...
Thank you, its relative new its has 5.1 or maybe higher sound. Need a job first, but still I want two thing music related. First a new headset, and or headphone. And a soundcard. It has to with a soundblaster soundcard in my last pc. This onboard sound is fine, but I cant shake the feeling the sound...
I had no idea, but noticed they use the minimogue :D Because I have the minimogue vst, I tried it, and already found a preset which prob is the sound. Will be interesting to see, how close I can get with this vst. And try the triple oscillator, because it has a preset that is already a big step in t...
Some mobo's have onboard sound, thats what I am using, I do not have a separate sound card.
Not sure what consider as powerfull, but I have a phenom II X4 3.2 ghz. ( quadcore )
And I am currently not using a soundcard.

Your song does sound good. :D
To answer to first part, I like trance too.
While watching some vids of people making covers at home with a Tyros 4 or 5 , I noticed that the sound is way better then what I get out of LMMS. Then I realised why. I ones had an Atari ST computer and borrowed a Yamaha midi keyboard (synth) Because the keyboard made the sound, not the Atari, it s...
I have found the perfect number for now. I always liked it more then popcorn. So TubeWayArmy - Are friends Electric here we come. ( Britisch synth pop ) It's an far more easy number then popcorn. One of the main reasons being, it very easy to distinguish the different sounds. Already started and had...