Thank you. I also redid the floor mesh, was not happy with it. Now will have to do allot of no fun stuff, to use the wave file from LMMS, instead of the mp3 I was using. That comes down to me having to redo all the moving lights. :( This gives me an opportunity though, to not just have a surface mov...
Were did you download it from, was it from here?
Can't sing, well not in tune that is.
There might be a better place to ask about this problem.
I know a bit of Linux but I am on opensuse, so know little to nothing about Ubuntu.

I wonder if its wine related, do you have wine 32 bit and 64 bit installed?

The only thing I can think of. Unless it has changed vestige used 32 bit wine.
I am on a free os, free as in charge and open source, Linux. (opensuse)

One way the company behind my free OS makes money, is to sell the os to companies.
The companies then pay for the support they get, not so much for the os.
One of the VST problems with MAC os is that as far as I understand it, there is no simple way to install wine. Linux uses wine for VST. WINE ( Which stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator ) :P Fools programs into "thinking" they run on windows. You could try a virtual machine, install Linux, but you wil...
I was still working on the corridor, but I might be done now.

Added a texture, so the walls look more interesting. Also made the corridor longer, so camera will move faster.
Made the pipes more reflective.


Also have been working on the music track. :)
I like it, and it really sounds good. :)

Well done.
I agree with Hexagons, good first track, but can maybe use a bit more variation ?
Thank you, and I am looking at the track again, Blender gave me a nice break, but I was not totally happy on how it sounded yet. For the vid I used an mp3 version though, next render I will use the .wav file directly from LMMS. Added a kick, and layered the piano with synth 1, to make is sound more ...