I download the demo version, and I can't install it through wine.

It tells me my operating system is not supported.

Have a looks at ZynAddSubFX , not the easiest zynth but probably one of the best.
What you could do is get a 8 or 16 gig byte usb stick and or burn youre music projects to a dvd ( cd blue ray )

Use it as backup.
Thank you. :)
New upload.

Sounds a bit more warm now, especially on soundcloud it sounded a tiny bit bleak.

Hope Brandystarbrite is happy now :P

https://soundcloud.com/user586365033/th ... midi-remix
Last track I made is not allowed for BOL. (the party)

Rap samples used from the original, and its a kind of remix. ( midi recreation)

Although done in LMMS , it does not fit the rules.

So not all samples are allowed. :)
Sounds good :)
I am a bit confused, I had seen that pm and had answered already. Something must have gone wrong though, because its not under send messages. So I am gonna answer again. :) Edit: Its now in my outbox, so it seems this time all went right. Edit 2 http://lmms.io/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=29922&p=60930...
Thank you, and learned allot from it. That start is fascinating. First piano part Is not 4/4 and the longer I thought about it, the more confused I got, so I let go of trying to understand it. The part to remember, you can do very weird stuff between the 1 and 4 count, as long as you start and stop ...
Especially the first part was close to a nightmare :P There is not clear relation, between that part and the beat. Then that bassline and the kick, its almost funny because it sounds so simple. :) Will have a look at the bassline, if I can spice it up a bit. I remember making it a bit lighter, becau...