Made some progress, with help of the Linux musicians forum. For the melody now using the notes from the underlying chord as was suggested there. Not sure how much its like Jarre, but I am starting to really like what I have now. Might try to use a dif...
You mean reading sheet music?
Title says it all. I think its not bad , but the melody does not sound Jarre to me at all :( Not enough repetition ? Too much variation ? Intro and bbe, clearly, Oxygene IV inspired, but not making a cover. Trying to make something Jarre could have made. :P ( The wind = Triple OS, automated panning,...
Linux musician might be a better place to ask for help with Carla.

Image is not showing, you need to upload it some were. Then put link in post. :)
Its a good track. I like it.
better of alone :)

I recognize it, so you did a nice job.

Don't have any else to add as what was said already to make it fuller.
It works for me.

What is you're os ? Linux, Windows ?

Did you get LMMS from the official site ?
Yes USB, most modern keyboard synthesizer have an usb connection.

Like this one: ... gKkGfD_BwE
That is definitely house :D

I think it could do with a tiny bit less often the beats sample or more breaks. :P

But I kinda like it. :)