Not all vst work.

What vst are you trying to load and what is you're operating system ?
OMG I have done it, somebody wants me for their record label, because of this remix.

Soundcloud, why is the word scam the first thing that comes to mind ?

Sup? I love THIS,Greet song!!Send it my work team if U would sign it for our label.
Now I have to stay modest, that wont be easy :P
Finally I released :D Happy about the stereo width, better then I ever did before. One calf plugin, but not the one that messes with the balance of the mix. Feedback as always welcome. Two small variations on the original piano l...
First you multiply, then you subtract. :P

Musicbear could have been much more challenging :P

There are 10 types of people, those that understand binary and those that don't.

Now how many types of people are there ?


10 binary = 2

I do feel part of something though.
Welcome :)
Now this is different. :)

Great job, although I think it could use a bit of EQ.
The link provided by beauroge, work for me, site just says it can't give preview.

Click download.

What musicbear said, and I know this is not the normal way for Linux users. From my own experience and reading on this forum, I know there are many issues, with the LMMS versions from the official repositories of any distro. One problem is that the package guys don't know LMMS very well. They might ...
Sounds Great :)
Try to use the one beauroge mentions.

I just started rc 8 and loaded the sf2 player.

All is fine here ( opensuse, Linux )

I am using: GeneralUser GS v1.47.sf2 its about 30 MB.