Its not entirely impossible to do hard rock with LMMS.
Not made by me though

Hi guys.

This is not a question for help, but a workaround for people on Linux.

Under settings, plugin embed . Set it to none. If you are experiencing the following problem:

Thank to and3md, who made a backtrace for the devs. :)
I had a look at my old pc, and it seems I had copied all files over. I am not 100% sure what has happened, but at least found a version of the house track I was working on, which might not be the latest version, but its close enough. More good news for me from github. A person reporting the same pro...
Good to hear you got it working. Last time I tried I had download a version of Carla that work kinda like the appimage file version of LMMS. No compiling or installation needed. ( pre complied binaries ) That one did not show up in LMMS though. When I talked to the LMMS devs, they told me they had t...
I am on openSUSE and have tried to compile LMMS. ( sometimes with success, sometime getting errors of which even the LMMS devs had no idea on what was wrong) I can only say musicbear is right. There are programs easy to compile youre self, LMMS is not one of them, :) I have talked with package build...
I have heard you can install Linux on some chromebooks.

I have no idea if you then still can use chrome os though, or if youre entirely switching to linux then.
Its not bad, but are you sure the sound starting at 0:16 is in tune ? :)
It might be more fun to just make music, and not care about the genre. :P
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The link probably need to end with some thing like .jpg .png or another picture format.