musikbear wrote:
Fri Oct 05, 2018 1:45 pm
Gps wrote:
Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:28 pm
waiting for a ZynAddsubFx tutorial, which might solve that problem.
Mine? Its been up for some week now :)
To come back to this.

The Vid really helped me. The zynaddsubFX sound got so powerfull, it was over powering everything else. :o
M-Audio Keystation Mini 32.
Not 100% happy about the samples, although they should be 320 kbps mp3. ( best quality, I could find ) Had different ones before and I think these sound better. The file size also seem to indicate its 320 kpbs. Will try some more fiddling on them. In the original they sound much better. Need to find...
I would like to watch youre vid again, but have no idea which one you mean?
Its the volume, but I have not yet narrowed the problem down yet.

It also does not seem to happen at the same spot every time, to make things even more complicated.

That was also why I got worried about my hardware.

Did one test with deleting two automation tracks, that did not make a difference.
Some good news :) I exported a different cover (vangelis alpha not finished ) which is 4 min long with RC - 7 . Not one stutter nor any distortion. So that at least rules out my hardware and probably RC - 7. So the problem is most likely just with this The party - cover. :D That for now is a re-leave.
Tried RC 5, no difference. I suspect it has something to do with automation, on the audio file processor. Why ? because the start of some of them seem to match some of the distortion. Also want to test to render a version of the track with no samples from kraze and gonna try to render some other tra...
I am trying to export a track to wav. This works but I have some crackling stutter issues. Never had this problem before, ( rc3 rc 5 ) I am confused. 99% of the render is correct. One thing I can think off, is that some of my sample have some crackling in it, because those samples are clearly record...
You still have not told us you're operating system.

Linux, Mac , Windows ?
Maybe its possible to use Carla for this. ( if you're on Linux ) I have no idea on how to do it though. Carla is a plugins host, Its a bit like Vestige but can do allot more. I can also load vst, but that failed when I tried. I am 100% sure the problem was me though. There is Carla for window too, a...