I have never tried it but there seems to be wine for mac.

I have no idea though if vst will then work on mac.
Never give up never surrender.

We have a winner. :P

Feedback as always much appreciated.

You need to convert the mp3 to something LMMS can read.

Audacity can do this.
That track is not a house track :) I call that disco. The funk - disco that was there before House. I like this one though: Metropolis Street Racer - Let's Get It On Tonight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eGcCdXNAtI This one I think though is house. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOMy4AZTPLc Or a...
I am impressed sounds great. :)
Yes, ask about it on an Albleton forum. :)
Its perfectly safe, unless you download lmms not from the official site.

You downloaded it from the official site, so you're safe.
Were did you download LMMS from?

What is you're operating system?

I have installed LMMS on windows 10 and Linux, and it never asked me to move files.
You can't do this in LMMS directly. What you can do is shorten a sample, with the envelope, but you cant make it longer then it is. Most simple solution is probably to look for a shaker sample, that is longer. https://samplefocus.com/samples/long-shaker I am on Linux but be carefull if you're on win...