Now that is weird, I use 4front piano allot. ( on Linux )
Omg , a rip off of a number of Sweet ? , and the tv series tune. In a way its brilliant. ( Commercial ) After googling. I knew I recognized the intro, it is Sweet. Sweet - Blockbuster But there is more originality, that intro first part. Rock and Roll, Par...
I only understand from the video that there are two types usb to midi, looking very familiar. If you bought the cable online , look up details and compare it to what guy in vid says. Before I watched this vid, I did not even know there are two types. If I remember the vid right, one does not convert...
Is you're note long enough to play the full sample ?
Thank you, and yes I am trying to make a house track from the time house started. :) I already rerouted the bass, its not going to an all instrument channel any-more, but directly to main. That helped making the bass more loud in the mix. I also found another great vocal sample sample. I have no ide...
It was Linux musicians, but I wonder with some reactions how they feel about house. I do reed on kvr too sometimes, and I just did. I read this topic, with hilarious reactions about the structure of a house track. ( Not every body is a fan :P )
I found this vid, and wondered.

This could be you're problem maybe.
Difference between USB and MIDI , and what type of usb to midi device or cable you need.
Maybe this should be reported at discord. :)
Did you put the note on the right key ?

The same key as were the green block is above, A4 ?

I have inserted "samples"of 5 minutes and longer, so I don't think there is a limit.
With the help from another forum, I made progress. To sum i up, the basis is not bad but needs better mixing, and it needed some more variation. Then words like saturater, spectrum analyzer came along. Complaints about the white noise hi hat. Because its house, the kick drum and base line need to be...