Start the appimage from the command-line ?
Are you looking at the volume ?

The vu meter on the mixer should never be in the red.
Not entirely my taste of music, but I love how it is mixed. Well done :)
Mixing is the hardest part for me too. I never thought it would be so hard to really do it right.
Thank you, and I am afraid I need to cut some frequencies. :)

I am drowning the kick, and that is not intentional. Might have to side chain?
I would also like the bass to stand out more.
Interesting track, but I wonder if the lead melody is not too loud.
Works for me on LInux.
I am trying to make house track, while taking a break from the The Party cover. I made something interesting, but it does not really feel like house ? I like the intro though. What am I doing wrong? The melody ? It does not really make me wanna dance. I wonder though, did I get it right after 4 min...
On what synth are you trying the midi input ?

Triple oc ?
One small remark about Linux: After the download set the appimage file to be executable.
(Just as a normal user)