We will always try to help but, if a Linux user installs the software from a repository, the first stop to ask for help is the forum of that distro. I am on openSUSE and had my fair share of issues, like most Linux users. This is why there is now an appimage version. What I did as an openSUSE user t...
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The topic started , was on Linux.

It would be better if you start a new topic.
Latest LMMS for Linux. :)
Thank you but not for now.

I have seemed to have reached one of those frustrating moments again.

It has to do with mixing, and were it seems easy Q improves the sound, but which I can't reproduce with the build in equalizer of LMMS.

Pretty sure this is a user error though.
I like the organ though. Bit of deep purple sound :)
There are two types of speakers and headphones. One is for listening to music, the other type is for mixing music like we do in LMMS. For mixing you want a headphone ( or speakers ) that do not colour the sound. Most speakers and headphones you buy in stores do colour the sound. One example is that ...
As far as I understand it they are working on LV2 support.

https://github.com/LMMS/lmms/commit/2a6 ... 91de67874e

If musicbear though says you cant use the new zynaddsubfx, we probably can't.

I also have no clue if this would mean we could automate it.
I can't say I really like the track but that is about taste.

I think it sounds fine, so mixing wise I think its good.
I think you can, just try it out.

Put the instrument in the folder were the other lv2 plug-ins are.