Lets start, by you telling us what you're operating system is.
What is you're operating system ?

Linux, Window, Mac ?

Did those vst work before ?
Whigfield? I remember that Dane lady. All of a sudden, I remember that famous Saturday Night song. Lol! The song was kinda catchy though. But according to alot of people, the horrifying part in the vid for that song, is where she wanted to date the scary horned dude. I have to agree, that was pure ...
Well I don't like it, but if you're happy with it, it is your track :)
Lol, I instantly start to sing along.

Black is black I want my baby back :P

Good job :)
Now you got me thinking for hours, what they are ripping off. :(

Wait,I think I go it.

Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy ?
Have you uninstalled the old LMMS version ? I have googled, libwinpthread-1.dll This even gave met result Linux related. ( mingw ) And a page that wanted to install a register repair program for windows. (Funny because I am on Linux, there is no register to fix) I am gonna wait for muskbear, to resp...
It seems to me this is something Carla would be perfect for, patching the sound output from a synth into an effect, except that I can't get it to grab VST's from the WINE directory either... I have on openSUSE Carla working for about 95%. ( thanks to the package maintainer) I do have issues with lo...

That was scary. From a Top Gear perspective, I did not see james may, and I am not gonna check again. :P
I saw the other two.

That vid also reminded me of Robert Palmer addicted to love. ( ladies only version ) lol