The link provided by beauroge, work for me, site just says it can't give preview.

Click download.

What musicbear said, and I know this is not the normal way for Linux users. From my own experience and reading on this forum, I know there are many issues, with the LMMS versions from the official repositories of any distro. One problem is that the package guys don't know LMMS very well. They might ...
Sounds Great :)
Try to use the one beauroge mentions.

I just started rc 8 and loaded the sf2 player.

All is fine here ( opensuse, Linux )

I am using: GeneralUser GS v1.47.sf2 its about 30 MB.
I am confused, because with rc 7 on opensuse, I can drag instruments into the piano roll.

Did you compile it you're self ? I see you mention gcc ?

The Appimage file should be downloaded, then set the rights to be executable, and then you just double click it to start LMMS.
In a few days I said.... Mixing wise I am breaking records. Never before I spend so much time on mixing a track. Probably doing it right this time, not mixing too long, then leave it until at least the next day. Latest small step forward, a bass booster on Kraze, You want to start this party right ?...
What do you mean with a read only file system ?

Maybe you try to change some file as a normal user, but should do it as root ?
Carla might be able to do that .

But I am still trying to figure out Carla myself.
I have no idea if it will work, but in LMMS it's relative simple. Select for midi input the keyboard and for midi out the midi module. I am not an midi expert but I can see at least one problem. I have a keystation mini 32 hooked in LMMS but through usb, not midi. Unlike the Atari ST I once had, my ...
Our Devs are talking about it.