Perfect :)
I will have to do some testing.

I am using the new LMMS equalizer on a few tracks to cut the low end from the bass, to make room for the kicks.

The sound getting softer does not seem to appear here. :o
Off course ;)
I have used easy Q in Vestige.

It works fine, but I do have a problem after an wine update.
Then lmms says it can´t find easy Q.

I then have to browse again to the easy Q dll.

So its possible.
Just try it, and if it does not work, you need to unpack the archive.
Not sure if this the right place to post this, but I wanted to share something. I am on openSUSE tumbleweed, and to keep it simple, this means I get ALLOT of updates. One of those updates is wine. Because of all the issues related to wine, I will tell what should happen, and how you should let wine ...
The only thing I can say, maybe its possible with Carla, but that part of Carla is to me still unknown territory. The patch bay I still need to figure out. I have Carla installed and managed to load a Linux synth in LMMS through Carla. On the Linux musician forum there might be a few people who know...
I have noticed this too.

When I type download LMMS, I get other sites listed first.
It's worth a try, but on Linux its not when loading a vst, that bug happens after a while were both the vst and lmms at first worked fine. Then suddenly the lmms gui goes on strike, were the vst gui, is still working. I had opened up a bug report that got closed recently, because the devs found out ...
Congrats :)