Lol about Eb = D# I keep falling in that trap.

I have to pick a Key though and maybe should go for E harm min.

I think I used C mayor for the teaser and just corrected the notes from the tutorial into the scale.

Now have to make up my mind, the blues scale or E minor. :)
You Probably know this track too.

Sheila B & the black devotion - Spacer
This track was written by Nile Rodgers for Chic, but Chic did not want to perform it.
So they went looking for somebody else.
This means I will have to go by ear, and maybe just write down the blues scale. No i gave you the notes of the scale named aBlues : A; C; D; D#; E; G; But you need to mark them manually in piano-roll :[ unfortunately Yes but that tutorial has E and E flat and F in it. :) C C Eb E G C A G Key of C i...
When I started , people asked if I was tone deaf. I just refused to give up, and kept trying, and now that problem is gone. I trained my ears and brain. I also have been studying allot of music producing vids with any DAW, and video's about music theory. Some can be boring, but it has helped me to m...
Thank you. Googling blues scale did not help much either, there are many different blues scales. This means I will have to go by ear, and maybe just write down the blues scale. Fun fact, that Eb key from the tutorial sounds fine. Often with out of scale notes I instantly twitch, but not with this on...
Lol, oops:

The blues scale that could be it, its not mayor nor minor.

Is there a Blues scale in LMMS ? :)

I have tried a few, but can't find it.
Twelve seconds in. That Eb and then E If I set scale to mayor and do this on the C key, that black key Eb is out of scale? Or am I misinterpreting this wrong ? He does play that black key. That bassline sounds fine to me in LMMS, but I changed it so all my notes are all in the key of C mayor. :)
Its just a beginning, but like to share it already.

Lets call it a teaser. :P
English please. :)
I am typing this with a big smile on my face. I have a boogie woogie bassline of 12 bars :P Now when you put these notes in to LMMS, there are 2 issues. One I am ignoring for now, Eb (flat?) and E are not in the key of C as he claims. That should be E and ...