DmitryLeon2000 wrote:
Sun Mar 10, 2019 5:20 am
some samples in LMMS are identical to those in Rave eJay.
I do not know 'rave e-jay', but it is possible that rave-e-jay has included some free samples, that also are part of LMMS' samples-pack.

Remember that Samples are for derivative usage only
So, I recently dug out my old Yamaha YPT-210 and wanted to use it on LMMS. Is that a midi Keyboard? LMMS support MIDI You can read most about how to connect here: Besides that, since you are new in Forum Welcome Simmie ! Here are all important links: ...
I'm trying to load the VSK Brass. " D SK Brass" im sure. That one has a problem! 'm running on a 64 bit operating system. Ok, but is it windows, Linux or MAC? please post your: * OS (+service-pack-version) * lmms version * lmms sound device chosen * hardware specification (ram & soundcard is the mo...
DJB wrote:
Fri Mar 08, 2019 7:55 pm
looking for a really punchy kick drum
Can you point to an example?
Find a video or soundclip online, with the exact instrument sound, you are looking for. -Link to it!
You need to add exact timestamps, for where the wanted sound starts, and less important -ends
Like @2:32 -> 2:55
Hello, Hi, Welcome to the Forum RosaTheRad ! Here are all important links: -A few rules and useful forum instructions GUI revealed that the ones that didn't play had no file directory? I would like to see two of these SF Please upload * One that does wo...
you can remove the unwanted part (.Bak) ..actually LMMS opens .BAK just as if it was a mmpz file, so you can just double-click, and it will open in LMMS as a std project! Then use File| Save-as And name the project anything you like, and * add .mmpz if you like a zipped small project or * add .mmp ...
GoodLuck wrote:
Thu Mar 07, 2019 10:25 am
How reliable is this service? I need to urgently write an article.
If you are NOT a bot reply: 2*10-5 == ?
is there any video tutorials on how to do this? Yes there must be. Renaming files is not really LMMS related, but solely related to knowledge about using your pc. Lets start with the OS OS Operative System ! Lmms supports * Windows * Linux * Mac (limited) Witch one of those do you have installed?
Hi mate Hi, Welcome to the Forum Sahaathyva ! Here are all important links: -A few rules and useful forum instructions It seems to be a QT releavant bug. export QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=0 This is excellent stuff! I would like anyone that has this iss...
I used pacman: Dont use pac-man Use APP-Image: Let us know the outcome :) Besides that, since you are new in Forum Welcome heartofavra ! Here are all important links: