If I save over the old version will my plugins stay intact or do I have to move them and reinstall them after I update? in all updates i have made, nothing has been destroyed. i however always recommend to make a copy of your own stuff, and then do a 'save over'. then you have no grief if something...
strange - try to remove then reinstall synth1 (not lmms!). Obs! you must avoid uni-charachters in all foldernames! lmms dont like uni-chars
very ambigious Q. are you talking about reverb or physical overlapping of containers. You need to explain more.
They typically hang when you try to load the larger demo songs. It will load the song, but not play the song. that could be a reason. some preset-plugins has been removed. One or more of the demo-songs may have used these plugins. If one is requested, that could lead to problems. What happens if yo...
0.4.15 is newest version, but i have NO linux knowlegde at all..
.. you could experiment with buffersize
Otherwise i have no clue - sorry
And not only no way to fix it - but no way to even figure out what is wrong. Note that after installing, I have done a reboot of the computer (just in case), but to no effect. Im really sad to read this. I have no idea why some have issues, and some not - wonder if there are different 'versions' of...
propl the setup
tjek if you use SDL as audiodevice. If not choose it, save and restart.
If this did not fix it, you must post OS and version of lmms.

But still 'it worked for a while' .something obvious happend..
-one peculiar lmms thing is the inabillity to handle unicode charachters. Perhaps you have made some folder/filename in your installation with unicode charachters?
Otherwise im afraid im out of 'good' idears
and it worked for a while. thats the important fact. I doubt that the marking of scales ao other GUI usage, has anything to do with your current problem. It is much more likely, that you have done something to your system, that is totally without connection to lmms. Installed something or perhaps h...
Please remember to post your OS and the version of lmms when you aks for help. AudioFileProcessor AFP is an integrated part of lmms. You do not have to download anything extra. You will find all you need to know about AFP here: http://lmms.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/AudioFileProcessor and genera...