Are old versions still hosted somewhere?
well at
you may be able to find that, but i doubt you will be able to run it.
ooh.. win 2000 (w2k) is a very different animal all together. alot of prograns does not run on w2k - ..natively, that is, and thats where things start to get complicated. Many hotfixes has been made, mostly in order to get some of the most popular games up on w2k, but it has almost beeen the rule, t...
Seems something about the sound changed in 0.4.12. I have had similar thoughts - Im however not so sure about the main-ladspa controller, cause i think i have heard difference in zynAddSubFX -especially in duration of short notes, and those zyn instruments did not use any ladspa FX. Further, the ma...
afaik you cant do it. lmms has no capabillity to split to virtual midi channels from one giant vst-library, and there is an even more difficult problem. in general huge vst's does not work well with lmms. An example of this is the DSK-padz vst plugin. This vst is 80mb in size because all of the voic...
unfourtunately not -there is a LADSPA plugin (TAP pitch shifter) that is meant to do that, but it only works for one note.. (eg useless for music-notes ), and it distort rather significantly
-can be used for long sampled vocals

youre welcome -great that you got it working
youre welcome :D great that you got it working
RAM: 4 gb PC: Acer Aspire 7745G System: 64 bits. Proccesor: Intel(R)Core(TM) i5 CPU M430 2.27 Ghz more than suficient 'm using LMMS 4.11 well 4.11 had a problem with autoupdate - lag was the result, since you say your cpu-load are low - it cant be that But i would upgrade or rather shift.. because:...
a way to upload long sections of audio into lmms
That would be the Sample-Track container:
You can find a litle on usage of this container here: ... th_Samples
MP3 is not suported.
-i asume you are using newest version 0.4.12?
we also need to know pc-specifications and OS, but It is next to imposible to say what the isue could be
..have you looked at your cpu-load at the moment this happens?
What are the values

-i asume you are using newest version 0.4.12?