this could very well be the reason. Its a nice find!
It would be good if someone that has had this issue will post here if they can fix it this way.
'midi' is not just midi. several sub-formats exists.
anvil-studio (free), and try if your midi can be imported to anvil. then save in anvil and use in lmms.
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sfArk is a special way to compress (zip) soundfonts Here should be able to decompress to ordinary sf. I have NO expirince with this software and are in no way associated to it in any way. Use on your own discression ------------------------ I fo...
unfourtunately current version of lmms does not have direct signal recording. It is scheduled, but not implemented.

In case you have not seen this ... =Main_Page

yes. when you import a midi lmms will need at soundfont to insert on all the various instruments defined in the midi. The absolute best one is the 'general-user-soundfont' whitch kind of emulates the whole midi lib -eg all instruments. In order to get LMMS to embed it corectly you need to set the pa...
its like i wrote marts 9. -some users have this problem. I (win xp) have never had any problems at all. i used the Edit | settings menu, pointed to the files and folders, and thats it. I have never heard from it since. Not even on updates i have had to change a comma. but lets take a look at my 'wor...
raised ticket on the off. bug resolve area.
No fix yet.
i believe this sidechaining could be something you could use. Also posible is the use of a limiter. (FX:fast-look-ahead-limiter) The sidechaining is the prefered solution for this typical bass v. kick distorsion, but its not a given thing. the limiter s...
yes -simple to fix. lmms reads the data from last imported midi and uses that as bmp-set-value. totally logical. However , if you want another project-bmp the just import a dummy midi file into the project. this bmp will now be set. use like anvill-studio (free) -to make the dummy midi I btw, also h...
lmms supports wave and midi. if you have your clips in those formats -yes
if not -no