I wouldn't do that because I wouldn't want people to follow me for one song.. I want people following me who are really into my music
I used to do it with Facebook but it actually ended up hindering my growth..
brandystarbrite wrote:LazerBlades music is good.
id rate it a step above good
checking it out when I get home!
Back again with a fresh new episode of fresh new tracks! https://soundcloud.com/calro-6/sets/the-lmms-saturday-six-016 Enjoy your weekend! you should do mixes instead of just playlists Can't do, the tracks are too different. A podcast may be an option, but I currently lack the experience and tools ...
really dig the sound of this, the video is trippy af
Hmmmmm....not sure what to think about all this.... Basically- I am an artist myself, and wanted to get myself noticed, without having to jump through hoops and give my anal virginity (kidding) to do it. So I formed a label based on the ideal that the modern label for up and coming artists should n...
please report the bug to the LMMS github: https://github.com/lmms/lmms/issues
@Serumrecords You should be able to just listen to the track at soundcloud? What is the reason for wanting the track as down-loadable file? Great point musikbear. Also, do you guys at Serumrecords, have a website ? And can you link us to it? I can't seem to find one, on the internet. 8-) another gr...