Thanks for your comment, bcman. The Synths in have used in Pulsar are 302 Bass Synth from LMMS, Synth1 and Hercs Abakos. Hehe yepp, arranging Acid was very funny for me ... sixpack beer, headphones and Glitch used at the same time :D This day i've loaded two new songs on youtube. Da old style http:/...

When your VST-Plugin understands "Midi Learn"- function, you can try this:
Set "Midi-In" in the track to the controller, you are using.
Then acticate "Midi-Learn" in your VST ...

This works for excample with the famous Synth 1 ;)

Low Budget
Hi. ..and my work is going on ... Two new pieces of very experimental music are on youtube. Both are made with a lot of effects and automations. A track that sounds dark and spacy. Pulsar: My soundcard-killer named: ACID

I'm using the Korg Nano's .. Key, Drumpad and Controller.
Sometimes ist crashes when i auto detect the midi-input, .... on Win7

But summary, nice to use and you get flexible equipment for a low price.

Low Budget
Hi studroa. Da Dein Screenshot Zwischenablage01.jpg heisst gehe ich mal davon aus, dass Du Deutsch besser verstehst ;) Wenn ich Deine Frage richtig verstehe möchtest Du verschiedene Oscilatoren im B+B-Editor erstellen und die dann in den Spuren vom Song-Editor arrangieren? Das geht ganz einfach ... ...
Hey guys. My third mix;) I've tried to mix some drumsamples with 8 different effects into a song with 108 bpm. The effects are triggered by an lfo-controller...just listen to the background and percussion for the result. Ich habe versucht einige Drumsamples...
Hi there.

My second Song is online.
You can find it here:
In my opinion the Song is a kind of Electronica, Robotic, Techno, with an acid-like bassline ... named "Robotic Vision"

Please rate and comment ;)

Hope you enjoy.
E.SoX aka Low Budget
Hi there.

My first song is released.

You can find it here on Youtube:

Hope You enjoy.

Low Budget
Hi there. In the last days i've experimented with pure data and my korg nano's. Now i want to combine something. For that i'll need some information-changes between lmms and other things ... something like: global start / stop, metronome, global bpm and so on. It seems, that it's not possible to sen...
Hi musikbear.

You can find some Information about the *pat-files here in Wikipedia:

And here's a link for some free patches and more information from the FreepatsProject.

Low Budget