i've been out of habit to make music and i gotta before the summer... so here's something for you. I hope to release another song before july as i won't be around that much during that time.
pic by me
@kalaherty oh yeah i see, thanks! :)
@Leche ohhh yeah ok now i see that. thanks too.
Thanks guys ^_^
ok so actually my ukulele song is taking a lil longer then expected and i had this lying around so here
just be patient <3 enjoy my lovely ones
heres something to keep u guys around lol. I'm working on a song i wrote with my ukulele and i cant wait to show u guys ^-^ enjoy this in the mean time. Something simple and chill.
picture by me
Thank you! Yes I realized that, I had a tough time trying to make it sound relevant to the rest of the song... To be honest, I'm not that satisfied with this song. I got a new vst and was trying to experiment a bit with the "flume" kind of style future bass. :) I'm still working on it. expect new co...
WOAH it's been a LONG time! Don't worry, hopefully I can change it up and will be releasing stuff more often now :) Thanks for the patience, guys. Here's my future bass song... I still need to get back into the swing of things so pardon this song ^-^ https://soundcloud.com/imarocketship/gated There ...
thanks dude :)
sometimes u just need to ease into things.
this song is for that.
Yes thanks brandy!

ahhhhh I see what you mean. That wasn't a uploading issue, that was an experiment of working with altering velocity.