it was so awesome to make :)
this is an interesting question and it was kind of a bit of improvised but also controlled. if i had a certain tune continued, it wouldn't give the feel of the walk itself, not the destination like you said. I wanted to reflect on the journey through that walk in a forest, taking in the view and the...
oh thanks! huh yeah it does seem a tad loud... thanks man :)
ooo funky!
enjoy :) This was really fun to make and I hope you guys have fun listening to the sidechaining and heavy pads.
awesome! Haha I'm glad to hear that. Thanks to all for giving me great feedback, positive AND negative :)
yo thanks fam! Glad you liked it!
ha had this on my computer for awhile... :)
I felt quite relaxed when making this, it reflects my emotions quite well. Dreamy/relaxed.