(I'm not leaving :P) Have a good trip with FL! Thank you man! Dude, no probs. 8-) I was glad to help you as much as possible. All of us were. And if it wasn't for you, asking for a pipe sound , (which took me 5 months to fully figure out) :lol: it might have taken me a tiny while longer, to fully u...
Hello! Some of you might not know me but I'm using LMMS for three years now and I have been active in the LMMS forum for so long. So, why am I writing this? I am switching to FL Studio. And this is why: I got a lot of support from my friends and they got me FL Studio as a present for my birthday. So...
dave30814 wrote: Cool, i like It. especially the percussion.
Thank you very much!
brandystarbrite wrote: Ooh hoo! This sounds dope! :D
And I love that singers voice. :D
Thanks brandy :)
Hey guys,
I made a bootleg of "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit. It was a really hard project to work on, especially in the mastering/mixing stage.
Feedback is appreciated!

https://soundcloud.com/acydemusic/rathe ... de-bootleg
what can I improve? First good track! Improve, maby explaining more directly what 'automation' mean. Show the newcomer how to draw the curve for a specific effect, maby even explain how to connect :) But generally, think how new users need 'more' in order to understand the process. Besides that gre...
Great concept, it fits perfect in the design of LMMS!
Good job!

I hope this is helpful to some of you :)
Any feedback, what can I improve?
https://soundcloud.com/dellusion-records/sets/acyde-one-last-time What do you think about it? It was a lot of work and I hope you like it :) Nice one, clean and sounds great (nevertheless, I prefer your Lows EP) Thank you! Lows was a big project to work on, still mastering on this EP isn't that gre...
he used a limiter at the end with the ceiling set to 0.00 dB Oh, but - (I prefer 0.1 or 0.3 to prevent clipping) Yes exactly. I often find, that adding a limiter, does change the overall output, and i try to avoid that. What i tend to do is to restrict usage of limiters as first objective. Then if ...
brandystarbrite wrote:SICK!! :D 8-)
Thank you very much!

dave30814 wrote: Very good...It sounds powerful!
I like the snare and the use of noise (i think) like pulse string from 5.10 to 5.30,

Oh, thank you! :)

Dewke wrote:Superb :)