... -last-time

What do you think about it? It was a lot of work and I hope you like it :)
Yop, Very well produced and mixed, highly danceable beat, nice end. Although I'm not a fan of the genre (as a dub maniac), I really appreciated this tune. Thank you :) Oops, sorry about that, I had another look and I should have typed 4.30 instead of 5.44. The sound that starts around 0.15, I think...
Good track, I like it :) At 0,15 that wine sound is a tiny tad too loud I think. Then at 0.50 that sound coming in is a tad too loud too I think, compared to the other instruments. At 5.44, I think the balance is spot on. Could be my sennheiser headset though. Lets see what others say. Great job Th...
Hey guys,
this is my newest track, called 'Waves'. I worked a lot on the mixing and mastering part, also I went a little bit out of my comfort zone, genre-wise.
Feedback would be appreciated!
Thanks :) What do you think? Any feedback? Thanks in advance! I can't find anything really wrong with it. But it sounds impressive though. Thank you very much! Don't know what feedback to give, I am impressed though. :) Thanks a lot! It was hard work to get the dro...
Roxas wrote: I know you will do a great work with it. You're in my top EDM LMMS Producer list, anyway!
It's an honor to be on your list!
Roxas wrote: You're doing great like always. It's nearly perfect but i think it needs little improvements to make it have more energy, maybe.
Thank you! Yeah I know, its a very early project so I will work on it!

What do you think? Any feedback?
Thanks in advance!
well i disagree with ALCYDE. The profile does not look like a limiter profile, because the limitation area is beyond resp -1 and +1 I found a picture that illustrate this: Look @3:30+ Here the wave is limited or compressed, but it...
This is called mastering. Yes it's ok, if you look at hundreds of songs, especially in the EDM scene, you'll come across a lot of such waveforms. This is not clipping, the song as been compressed as fuck and then they put a limiter at the top and turned up the gain :)