Here is the song:

I hope you can help me :)
I don't know if anyone knows OVERWERK but porbably someone can help me.
I wish to create such a bass like the suddenly bass in canon (at the building up and the drop)
I've tried to make it in triple oscillator but it didn't sound good.
Anyone who can help me?
All users can post suggestions
I am looking forward to it
I try to make it a bit complicated.
Well it's my second Song
Anyway i try for my next Song a bit of orchestral and electro like OVERWERK.
Thx :)
Do you know OVERWERK?
I like his music very much and I'd like to make orchestral electro/complextro too!
I tried to make such a song, but I failed :(
Do you know any tips or so?
I don't really know :D
I wanted to make only a different song and don't care about what genre it has.
But what genre would you take?
Hey Guys!
I am new in the forum so I'd like to ask you about a part of a song that I made a few days ago.
Any suggestions for improvement?

Here is the song (Soundcloud):