So sorry. I tried privatizing to make my page less cluttered but I guess it's makes the links go dead. It should work now.
Thanks for the feedback. After assessing the ep, I have decided to private Can't Buff It Out, Natural Reaction, and Clear the Savannah.
Where did you get your guitar and drum sounds? Did you record them live?
You have a topic channel? How?
The link leads to an error page? I'm interested in hearing what this is, cause I have the same setup
Just most of the tracks that I did during the summer. Hope y'all enjoy. ... s-not-easy
I know this sounds impossible, but im currently on a windows 7 starter computer
All sounds good, but my new question is this.

Why upgrade to a beta, when I currently have a full package right now with LMMS 1.1.3? Why not wait until the beta is finished or whatever you call it?
Ok, are you telling me automating a time signature hasn't worked on ANY lmms track before the event beta? I might be able to believe that, because there doesn't seem to be another solution. However, I have a bunch of projects on lmms 1.1.3, how do you suppose I would go about transferring all of my ...