So a couple days ago, I skipped a couple classes and bought myself a charger for this old Windows 7 computer my mom's friend gave me a while back. Worth it? That's not important. What's important is that I have new projects in the works. This one I created from a sample of a sample from a song calle...
I'm glad you guys like my stuff. Unfortunately, not too little no after I finished this track, I actually got water into my computer. It broke and I'm sure all of my lmms projects went with it. I'm not knowledgeable enough to know how to have saved the stuff on the hard drive (if there was a way). K...
D.ipsum is completely correct. That's the bug I'm talking about.
I click em, they work. I click play in the piano roll, they don't make a sound. I play the project, it works normally. Is there any solution that can be put in layman's terms?

Edit: I checked again. Apparently, some things play and some things don't play. The heck?
This is something i whipped up after about an hour or two. It is long but i still would like to hear your thoughts. If there is anything to add i'd probably do it subtly cause im going for an ambient song
I've finally started to work with effects. I'm on my way to finishing up a song atm, but there's one part that doesn't sound as resonant as id like it to be. I can't figure which effects makes these resonate rather than makes them louder. ... fX4lcXsdaw
the problem is i don't know what could benefit the track. Currently looking for ideas on how to improve it. I'll try examining the criticisms and seeing if it works.
so i have to re do all of my projects manually?
Well then.... no way to put all of that into a drive file. Alright then.