The ambiance is great, also noticed the subtle changes in the sound you've made from the start to middle tune. It's really something different and also good. There are a few things you should be careful. The bass seems like it is cracking up as it plays and during the song, and a few instruments see...
Hi guys. Just want to share my most recent track. I'm trying to figure out different types of beats and how the instruments way of playing affect the way you get the rhythmic sensation. As always, I also wanted to keep the instruments as clear as possible, maybe I still need to retouch the overall v...
Hi guys. I wasn't clear about the direction of this song when I started with it, but today I grabbed the project again and it built itself. I almost feel that I am kind of building some sort of musical identity. Even if this is not my fav music style. But feels good to make it. Let me know what you ...
Fun sound.

The choice of sounds is weird in a good way.
Keep it up
Really enjoyed this track.
As I've said on Youtube, I was waiting for some sort of drop to happen.

Anyway, it's cool to see you have a wide musical taste.
You are definitely talented.
Thanks for the reply. I've noticed that after pushing it to Soundcloud. This one I've tried to make the mastering with lower volumes to then try to push it up. But it appears that I'm missing some steps in mastering to make it loud and clear. XD Maybe add some compression, more EQ cuts in low and hi...
Last months, my daily life has been overwhelming, Long story short, I stayed away from production and I'm trying to get back at it again with new ideas, and I hope a little more knowledge that means nothing if I don't keep practicing my skills and ears :D This is my latest song on Soundcloud. https:...
I like the sound of it.

Did you made your hats by reversing a kick? XD
These are the most intense sound at the start. They make some tension over the general sound. Not complaining btw xD.

Love the synths. This has some potential. No pressure xD.

Good luck developing the rest of the song.
Personal opinion here, please don't make it personal. I don't like the sound of that "triangle" shaped sound, because for me it is not pleasant to the ears. At the same time in the fastest parts, the sound gets nicer with the whole melody. Who would tell xD. The trick to make good calm sounds is to ...
Most of the time the volume is too quiet.
You should reduce the gap between loudest noises and quiet ones, to make everything sound better.

The melody is nice.