Thanks, i do have the value next to my cursor, it is just annoying me if i want a value of lets say, 125, and i keep getting 124.5 and then 125.5 and so on.

I know it will be indeterminable for a listener, but it just bugs me.
Every control that has adjustable values within LMMS appears to have a ‘Double click’ in order to enter an exact value, however, the automation points/dots are not like this and it can be quite frustrating when trying to enter values across a few automation points and your mouse keeps going over and...
For linux users, seeing as CARLA was mentioned, you could run this on your machine,

I will give a little background before i give my opinion, My favorite rap album of all time is 'The predator' by Ice Cube, that was when rap was still edgy and you could hear to anger against the political and social systems at that time. A...
Thanks Musikbear, I have actually used the Comb filter in LMMS on a track i have made already, i will try a few different things on what i am after and see if i can get close with the filter. I understand what you mean also about the cut and paste, before the main bassline kicks in, it is very obvio...
Hi All,

I am interested in replicated the effect that is over the vice in this track by the Shamen, its a distorted voice from the very start i believe as it eventually turns out the words, 'possible worlds'
I had a similiar issue a good while back, Musikbear advised me not to close laptop or sleep PC with LMMS still running, always save and close.

Solved it for me but not sure if that is your issue?
This is a fairly cool site i think,
Where is the Pop sound? You can zoom right into any part of a waveform in audacity, highlight the problem area (Which can be as short as you wish) and manipulate that problem area. I had a piece of voice audio where one section spiked strangely way up on verbalisation of an 'S', i zoned right in on ...
One of the best tracks ever,