What you want....
But you only have until tonight !
Hi Im Henri and Im looking for someone who can create music in LMMS for my game (game is set in WW2) If you interested send me e-mail : henrikn.sk@gmail.com Looking for what kind of music ? If this is World War II, I guess you want more epic music...? Otherwise listen to what I'm doing, maybe it's ...
It's very good! The mix is to be reviewed but otherwise the song is well built. I like it very much !
I think that as long as the music remains produced by LMMS, you can use as many external samples and samples.
What OS are you under? Which version of LMMS do you have ?
Hello to all of you
I was wondering : when you record with a midi keyboard, the notes played are always a little out of sync with the tempo. Is it possible to automatically adjust them? Thank you for your answer,
This calculation is really very hard....
But you can never be too careful.
No, it works. You have the right to use both VesTige and Sf2, as long as it is done on LMMS.
At least, I think so.
Thanks !
Good luck! I can't wait to see the result.