Hello, everyone! I am Fladmay, and I have been using LMMS for 5 months now, and I think I am at the intermediate level. I recently registered on this forum, both to help but also to learn new things. I've been a musician for about ten years, but I've been in MAO for a year now. Music is my greatest ...
That's really good! To improve you, I personally think you should bring more dynamics to the song, using more automations for example, or variations that would allow you to bring new sounds each time.
And Qtamo is a good name, I think...
That's frankly good, but it's maybe a little long, in the sense that you should diversify the drop more (It's a little repetitive, I found). But otherwise I like it very much !
Okay, well understood !
Otherwise it's true that it would be nice to have several competitions, with different themes...
It would be a good idea !
ronda wrote:
Tue Jan 22, 2019 12:27 pm
Hi, will there be another best of LMMS competition?

Best regards

Why "best ?"
Yes Synth1 is a very good vst. I also use a lot of T Force Alpha Plus, it is excellent. But do some research on the Internet, there are plenty of vst. Personally I prefer vst to sf2, because it offers many more possibilities, but it requires a certain mastery. Also if you are a beginner try first sf...
Try to search directly for your sf2 from Soundfont, directly here, and search for them on your computer. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/FbgNV1maZT5KzKiZVx2BYA-Iu322s3NUM6KaQObuxS3zeGPa1URf_c8LLIFpgNGlZvF10BLR6l4ZBbR5TqWv3uSL2N0rmjoKO2J2Kuu-Wxo_S4ks04xE-2GrkD3NNktSLNl3dKjBG3orpDJ6cJBTJMgMa3_b5bX5D...
I consider that it remains LMMS, even if you use a lot of vstis, or plugins, even if it's for effects. You could use none of the LMMS FXs or synths that it would still be music made on LMMS. So keep it up, man, you're gonna make it. Good luck with that.
That's good news, that's good news! Good luck to all participants!